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    Originally posted by barallron View Post
    You can buy 100 AA for 250 SC. no limit i believe. I have a mage i box with that is in ROF T1 group gear, Rk2 spells, up to 1800 AA and he does pretty decent dps considering he is free to play. I can continue to buy up more AA if i want as well. Take advantage of the triple SC days and its not a bad way to go.
    True. But at 250SC per 100, I would need 90 x250 = 22500SC before I could earn more AA.. and then only 17 of them (besides I only have the Phantasmal Line for STR/WIS/CHA/DEX left to buy at this point anyway before I was maxed. I will use a Krono to go gold and get the new AAs when/if they come out.


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      Viv, I need some enlightmenent. I have never had anything but a gold account. I thought that all those prestige items turned yellow when you were downgraded? How is your stats so high still?


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        None of my base gear is prestige. VoA raid T1 and T2 are not prestige, and RoF tier 1 raid gear is also not prestige (the same is true for group gear, I just happen to have access to the raid gear).

        Also none of my slot 7/8 augs are prestige, except the one in my epic, the heal proc one. In the case of gear with a presitige aug in it, instead of yellow it turns purple, the base gear still works in this case, the prestige aug just doesn't add its stats.

        The RoF type 3 augs are not prestige.

        The purity augs (except the one in my helm) are prestige, so they purple out my gear, which means it is still usable.

        Hope that helps.


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          I was able to solo (still need 6 to get raid though) Corruption of Ro raid for the Chalice of Life Aug, which is not prestige.

          I think the trick with this is to kill off all the adds first. I just mostly focused on boss... but as the adds piled up my pet got eaten, and then the adds started healing the boss. No mercs allowed in this one. Using the swarm pets was helpful to keep the mobs off me so I could cast.

          I am Daosheen the First raid away from getting black orb of the scrykin which is the only F2P usable aug that fits in range slot that I have found. As this one is a little more than tank and spank, I am


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            Non-Prestige Account

            I am a cheap [email protected]

            I have no prestige equipment/augs on my 105 necro. Only about half T1 raid gear and most of the quest augs.

            I do go gold when new AA come out for a month ($10 game card) or double xp weekends so I can get the AA I want then return to silver account status.

            It can't be too bad having non-prestige gear as I am currently ranked 16 on Cazic-Thule. Necro is one class that silver/FTP account status still works well. I would not raid as a silver account tank class but caster/dps classes work well for going this route.

            Azorin - Magelo

            There are 9 new hp augs also that are non-prestige you can get from T1 COTF (I only have 1 so far).

            Also, some new type 4 augs for epic that help heal pet/tank or yourself that are worth getting form T1 COTF .

            Sigil of the Dark Soul is nice to help with pet or tank heals while you dps.

            The new expansion quested aug (Jonas Dagmire's Skeletal Parrot) is very nice to addition to non-prestige list. See my profile for current gear/augs.
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              F2P / Silver Account Non-Prestige Augs, Clickies. Items

              Originally posted by Vivamort View Post
              So Magelo is showing epic is not Prestige, so that is good.
              VoA Tier 1 and 2 raid items are not Prestige

              I was looking around for best all around gear a free to play necro could have. I got stuck on augs for range and primary (slot 4 on primary will have BIC Aug)... all the non-prestige augs I found do not include a primary or range tag.

              Here is what I whipped up.
              Head - Elegent Soulslaver Cap / Dark Soul Crystal
              Arms - Elegent Soulslaver Sleeves / Diamond Studded Coldain Historical Seal
              Legs - Elegent Soulslaver Pants / Elegent Defiant Nightstone
              Chest - Elegent Soulslaver Robe / Ak'Anon Strike Force Black Badge
              Hands - Elegent Soulslaver Gloves / Jonas Dagmire's Skeletal Hand
              Feet - Elegent Soulslaver Sandals / Elaborate Defiant Coldstone
              Wrist - Elegent Soulslaver Wristguard / Intricate Defiant Shard
              Wrist - Elegent Soulslaver Wristband / Some Hot Zone Aug
              Face - Mask of Oseka / Model XLII Spatial Temporal Oculus
              Neck - Gorget of Attention / Blood of the Fallen
              Ear - Vyers' Stud / Effervecent Swamp Moss
              Ear - Loop of the Clerk / Tears of the Rathe
              Back - Punisher's Cloak / A Glowing Emerald
              Shoulder - Cowl of the High Priest / Cursed Obsidian Faycite
              Waist - Worker's Waistbelt / Blessed Celestine Faycite
              Finger - Vyers' Engraved Ring / Rallosian Power Gem
              Finger - Circle of the Three / Pyramid Capstone Shard
              Primary - Deathwhisper / BiC Aug / ?
              Secondary - Lawkeeper's Bulwark / Bayle's Heraldic Crest
              Range - Ritual Blade of the Tides / ?
              Charm - Archon's Charm / Valthun's Memory Shard

              I didn't include the Chalice of life or Orb of the Scrykin or whatever it is called, because not sure what it takes to get those yet... but if they are easy enough then, they are posibilities too.

              So your augs would be pretty crappy in general, but certainly a usable Nec is possible if you are returning and already have the needed AAs so as not limited to 1000.
              Drazz Edit (Added a Dummy Magelo to see what the above looks like):

              Here is an updated list:

              Non-Prestige Augs:

              Head - Dark Soul Crystal (Quest)
              Arms - Doomscale Gem
              Legs - Possessed Stone Fragment
              Chest - Ak'Anon Strike Force V Black Badge (Quest)
              Hands - Jonas Dagmire's Skeletal Hand (Quest)
              Feet - Dragorn Fang or Cursed Obsidian Faycite (Quest)
              Wrist - Udumbara (Quest)
              Wrist - Issis' Fang
              Face - Model XLII Spatial Temporal Oculus (Quest)
              Neck - Blood of the Fallen (Quest)
              Ear - Imbued Feather
              Ear - The Sum of Skal`s Nightmares (Quest)
              Back - Glowing Emerald (Quest)
              Shoulder - Jonas Dagmire's Skeletal Parrot (Quest)
              Waist - Sentinel's Claw
              Finger - Vial of Perfected Mana
              Finger - Deathswell Crystal
              Primary - Sigil of the Dark Soul + Bladesinger's Heart
              Secondary - Bayle's Heraldic Crest (Quest) or Cadaverous Hunk of Infected Flesh
              Range - Spirit of the Wind
              Charm - Valthun's Memory Shard (Quest)

              Other Non-Prestige augs from mostly COTF that I have not been able to get yet:
              Pollen Pod
              Enigmatic Teir`Dal Eye
              Darklight Emblem
              Tumbled Jasper
              Clump of Concentrated Ethernere

              If you can get all these augs you have a very nice aug set when all is said and done.

              Non-Prestige Clickies:
              Gunthak Swabby's Eyepatch
              Dreamcatcher Nimbus
              The Chief's Influence
              Orb of Tishan
              Dagger of Death
              Corrupted Energeiac Silk Robe
              Shadow-Vexed Silk Robe
              Blightbringer's Tunic of the Grave
              Robe of Whispered Death
              Overflowing Urn of Life
              Wristband of Secrets
              Terror's Juju

              (Non-Prestige Situational Clickies & Items)
              Shield of the Immaculate
              Turquoise Buckler
              Cloth Cap -- help Mages with Many xx spells
              Vorshar's Pants of the Blight - emergency pet buff
              Wand of Impenetrable Force
              Corrupted Hammer of Consternation - HS hammer
              Modest Soulslaver Robe - dont use anymore
              Wristband of the Bonecaster
              Preserved Chokidai Vocal Cords

              Anyhow this is most current list of Silver/F2P Augs and clickies etc I have that are non-prestige. There are some newer clickies on a to do list but need to do alot of tasks to get them.

              Enjoy (see my magelo for other item ideas for non-paid accounts)
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                Thank you for the updated List! I recently went Silver again, and need to update my augs. Though I have been giving serious thought to going back to gold, as it has become harder to beat my fellow necs when raiding.

                The new SK/NEC usable Divine Aura hammer is non prestige, so if you want to ramp tank go get it. Quest is up on EQResource so far, but not yet on Zam. Not that one would find it all the useful, but it is an interesting item that is not prestige! Edit: Whoops I see you mentioned it already!

                I redid my Magelo so now it is all non prestige, and best possible gear per slot (exception is rings, I got best possible HP with knowledge clicky, instead of second highest hp ring), and using the Augs that are in Azorin's post. Now I just have to go get those augs, since I already have the armor and non vis items.
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                  With the revamp of OS, FTP/Silver accounts have struck gold.
                  Everything except augs are NON-Prestige!
                  Once you are level 105 there is nothing even close to the gear available from this zone (T1 raid stuff maybe)

                  Glowing Seb Armor

                  Darkened Weapons & Armor

                  Stats are about the same as T2 EOK group gear and you do not need EOK expansion.

                  (Note: there are no charm, ear, finger, or range slot items from revamp OS - mine are still cotf or RoF)

                  Type 5 augs also can be worn but good luck finding any for sale.
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                    Did they nerf Orb of Tishan? Doesn't proc or as primary with melee on actually hitting mob - I'm level 98